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Technical Jackets For Women
Getting Fit in the Best There Is

Long gone are the days when women had to attempt to fit into oversized, long-armed men’s, or “unisex” technical jackets. Whether you are looking for ski jackets, alpine climbing jackets, or waterproof-breathable rain coats, women have their pick of jackets that come in flattering fits, beautiful colors, AND are technically sound. While there are brands making women-only technical clothing (Lole) most companies specialize in both men’s and women’s technical outerwear and the technologies these days are pretty astounding.

Women’s Technical Jackets - Fit:

There are several differences in men’s and women’s technical jackets. First, and foremost, is the fit. Women’s jackets tend to be cut slightly shorter in the front, flare at the waist, and have shorter arms as well (this is frustrating for some women – if you have long arms, check out Nau, or Patagonia). Nice additions to a technical jacket are the thumb-hole wrist liners, pit zips (women sweat too), asymmetrical front zippers, and articulated elbows.

The Soft and Fuzzy Side:

Women’s technical jackets are also typically more insulated and have softer lining around the neck and sleeves. Many brands have developed a waterproof softshell material, allowing for the standard waterproof fabric with more movement, stretch, and a softer feel. For those women looking for a non-fuzzy, very technical gear company, check out Arc’teryx.

Women’s Jacket Sizing:

While it varies some from brand to brand, especially European brands, most U.S. companies follow the standard sizing:

2-4 = XS
4-6 = S
6-8 = M
8-10 = L
10-12 = XL

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