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Windjamming FAQ's

Because a trip on a windjammer is so unique, you may have some questions. It's not difficult to understand what we do, it just may require a little explanation. If you don't see your question here, LET US KNOW. Someone else probably wants to know the same thing you do!

Can I come by myself, or do I have to charter the whole boat?
Most charter companies accommodate both small and large groups and even singles. Many people come by themselves and make long-lasting friendships by the end of the week. Chartering a boat is also perfect for family reunions, large and small.

What about bathrooms and showers?
For starters the bathrooms, called heads on a boat, contain only one thing....a toilet. That's it. Usually everything in a bathroom at home is in the cabin. That means that shaving, face-washing, hair-doing, teeth brushing all happen in your own cabin which have sinks and mirrors.

Can I charge my camera batteries or use a hair dryer?
Negative. Just as with water, electricity is limited on a windjammer. Usually windjammers have plenty for 12 volt reading lights and our navigational and safety equipment. Who feels like doing there hair on vacation anyway? That's why it's called VACATION!

What about cell phones, radios, CD players, books on tape?
Cell phones aren't always within range in the places winjammers anchor, but if you absolutely must use a cell phone be discreet. Also bring a set of headphones to listen to your own music of your own batteries.

Do we get to get off the boat?
Yes! Many windjammers anchor every night in a different location and give you an opportunity to walk and explore ashore, either in the morning or the evening.. What you find ashore changes with each place we go. One time you might find an old, historic fishing village or maybe a quiet country walk and a field of wildflowers. Another time might find you shopping in quaint artist shops or passing the time with a friendly local.

Where do we go during the week?
Many windjammers don't have a set itinerary. They sail by the wind and the tide just like they did 100 years ago and 100 years before that. Don't worry though, many windjammers have a sturdy push-boat (called a yawl boat) to help if the wind dies.

What kinds of places might we stop?
Your windjammer may anchor off an uninhabited island and have a traditional lobster bake on the beach. Other nights might you might be at a traditional fishing village, a bustling town for a bit of shopping, or in a secluded harbor with only the evening stars for company.

What if I'm claustrophobic, can I do this?
Well, of course the only one who can really answer this is you. Usually the bulk of your time will NOT be spent in your cabin. You will be outside! In fresh air and open space. Most people clean up, change their clothes and sleep in their cabins.

Can I sleep on deck?
Some windjammers allow it! Just bring your sleeping bag.

Do I have to know anything about sailing?
No way! If you want to learn, some windjammers will even teach you!

Do we get to help sail the boat?
Every windjammer operates differently. Some encourage everyone to be part of the team and are more hands on by letting you actually participate in preparing the boat for departure and anchoring, and even take a turn at the wheel.

What if I have a special diet?
Be sure to let your windjammer crew know what your limitations are. You'll probably need to bring any foods or medicine special to your specific circumstance and though we are as flexible as we can be, it is ultimately up to you to meet your own needs.

Do you have an age limit?
Check the age limitations before you sign your children up.

Will I be stuck with some not-so-nice person all week?
Funny. Because this trip is a bit like camping on the water, it is self-selecting. The sort of obnoxious, demanding tourist that we all cringe at doesn't take a trip like this. The net result is that all like-minded people with a love and respect for the beauty of nature and outdoor life.

Contributed By: Schooner J. & E. Riggin

Schooner J. & E. Riggin" Windjamming Cruises.

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