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Hit the road with the
United States Cycling Federation!

Standard Athlete's Entry Blank and Release Form

USA Cycling Membership and USCF - NORBA -NCCA License Application

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Whether you crave the intensity of a criterium, the challenge of a long road race, or the strategy of track racing, the USCF lets you take the lead. No matter what your age or ability, the USCF has categories and events to suit any cyclist.

It's your passport to excitement, whether you're just starting out or aspire to race for the U.S. in international events. Your USCF license opens the door to more than 2500 USCF-permitted events annually, on both the road and track.

The USCF's bi- monthly magazine keeps you at the front of the field with the most extensive racing calendar in print, feature stories on the top athletes, and training tips from the same coaches who have put the U.S. Cycling Team on top in international competition. You'll also find updates on all the national points series and the latest news from the Federation-including continuing enhancements to our membership benefits.

It's your complete guide to racing, but it's more than just a rulebook. Inside you'll find results of past national championships, national record holders, names and addresses of all district representatives, and lots more. All new and renewing USCF members receive the fact-filled guide, along with a colorful USCF sticker and special promotional offers.

Members traveling to and from USCF events are eligible for airfare discounts up to 45% and free bike baggage vouchers (a savings of $100 per round trip) on United Airlines. Simply schedule your air travel and purchase tickets through the toll-free USCF travel number listed in every issue of Cycling USA.

Members participating in events held under USCF permit are included in an insurance plan covering accidents at the race. Serving as secondary coverage (primary for those without insurance), members can receive up to $25,000 in medical expenses and $2000 in dental expenses. There is a $1000 deductible (even with primary coverage) after which the plan pays 80 percent of all costs.

While most members join in order to race, the USCF also has opportunities for those with different ambitions. You can also participate as a USCF-certified mechanic or race official- that's how many parents of junior racers join their children in enjoying the sport.

And as the national governing body for competitive cycling, the USCF is responsible for selecting, developing, training and coaching the national teams that compete in events such as the world championships, Pan American Games and Olympics. We've designed an array of programs to help you in the sport:

  • Lance Armstrong Junior Development Program
  • YMCA/USCF Youth Cycling Program
  • USCF Junior Regional Track Camps
  • Junior Olympic Race Series
  • USCF Regional Team Selection Camps

Joining more than 30,000 riders who've enhanced their enjoyment of cycling by becoming USCF members.

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Visit the Official US Cycling Online Road Racing Site

One Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 or 719-578-4581(voice) 719-578-4596(fax)

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