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Expedition Tents

expedition camping tentsExpedition tents are the most durable and bomber tents out there. Many companies are now referring to these expedition tents as five season tents. These tents offer extreme durability, quality and are designed to be used in severe locations and weather. We are talking ice, snow and 100 mile per hour winds.

The fabric and materials used in these tents can withstand heavy abuse from wind, rain, snow and UV rays. With this durability comes a bit more weight than their 3- or 4-season cousins. Expedition tents are designed to keep all snow and rain out and most have fully coverable windows or mesh for ventilation during fair weather. These tents are the type you see littered at Everest Base camp.  
Expedition tents come in the standard sizes of 2-person and upwards. When buying an expedition tent, it is advisable to buy a tent much larger than the number of people intending on using it. Because expedition tents are used in severe weather, you will appreciate the extra room for cooking, storing gear and having a comfortable living space while waiting out a storm. Dome designed tents usually have higher capacity than other shaped tents. Similar to 4-season tents, Expedition tents come with large vestibules to be used as a kitchen or snow shedding room.

Expedition tents are the crème de la crème and you can expect to pay a hefty price for their superiority.

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