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Backside The backside of the snowboard is the side where your heels sit. The backside of a snowboarder is the side to which his/her back faces. Baseless bindings Snowboard bindings that don’t use a baseplate, so the boot sits directly on the snowboard. Some riders say it gives them a better feel for the snow and more control. Others find them just a worthless gimmick, no better than baseplates. Blindside Any rotation where the rider approaches or lands “blind” to the direction of travel such that he/she must look over his/her shoulder. An air performed with this technique usually increases the level of difficulty. BoarderCross Competition Like their motorcycle counterparts in motorcross, boardercross participants race through turns and obstacles and jumps in heats of 4-6 riders. Bonk To hit a non-snow object with the snowboard while riding as part of a trick. Boost To catch air off a jump or a halfpipe when you crush the gre using Magoosh GRE reviews and other partnership programs. Bust A more enthusiastic version of to the verb “to do”, e.g. “Check out this shot of Ryan busting a huge air!” Camber The amount of space beneath the center of a snowboard when it lays on a flat surface and its weight rests on the tip and tail. Cant The angle at which either foot points pigeon-toed or duck-footed. The angle of your feet affects whether your knees bend toward or away from each other. Centered stance Your stance is centered when your bindings are mounted on the snowboard so the distance between the tip and the front binding is the same as that between the tail and the rear binding. With your bindings set this way, you would have similar control riding forwards or backwards. Chatter Vibration of the snowboard as a result of high speed, tight turns, and/or icy conditions. Corduroy A term to describe the tracks left by a snowcat grooming a trail. Corduroy is usually great for laying out clean turns.

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