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Sleeping Bag Systems

Sleeping SystemsThere are several things to think about when you are purchasing or renting a sleeping bag: weather, weight, style, and fill. There is no reason to be uncomfortable when sleeping in the outdoors, but buying the right sleeping bag will make a tremendous difference. One option is to buy a sleeping bag system which allows you to zip in a liner and add warmth to your sleeping bag. 

Advantages of Sleeping Bag Systems
The best thing about a sleeping bag system is that you only need one bag for many different conditions. If you are going on a spring camping trip, just leave the zip in liner at home. Additionally, you can buy different liners that are appropriate for various occasions. The sleeping bag system is the best option for someone on a more limited budget who only wants to own one sleeping bag.

Disadvantages of Sleeping Bag Systems
The best sleeping bag for camping in the snow is a sleeping bag that was specifically designed for winter conditions and the same thing is true for summer bags. Because sleeping bag systems are trying to be suitable for multiple conditions, they are not necessarily ideal for any one type of camping condition. Additionally, because of the extra material and zippers, sleeping bag systems are heavier as well. 

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