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Learning to Surf in Costa Rica

Surfing is a sport that requires persistence and practice in order to develop the skills that will allow you to surf on your own and enjoy it on a daily basis. The best way to learn how to surf is to spend significant amounts of time in the water, which is not always a possibility with work, family, and social commitments. On top of that, if you live in a place where the water is cold for most of the year, then that too may be a limiting factor. A good, and popular, solution for this is taking a surfing vacation to a warm-water destination.

Why Learn To Surf on a Vacation

Learning to surf on your vacation is ideal because it allows for solid chunks of time to be spent in the water practicing. Surfing is not an all-day activity, so you still have time to enjoy other tourist attractions, plus it ’ s a great workout so you ’ ll return home in better shape, and you get to spend time at the beach working on your tan. Also, it is common to find surf schools, or camps, located in less touristy areas where you can lead a slower-paced lifestyle for a few days, as well as get a real sense of what the country is like.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very popular surf travel destination, for both experienced and inexperienced surfers. It ’ s relatively cheap and easy to get to, plus its year-round 80-degree water, consistent waves, beautiful beaches, and friendly hosts make it a safe bet for a good surf vacation. With some 600 miles of coastline on the Pacific side alone, Costa Rica offers plenty of opportunity for surf. Best of all, there are numerous beaches along the coast that offer safe conditions and beginner-friendly waves for the inexperienced surfer.

North-West vs. South Pacific

As a result of these great surfing conditions, the North-West region has grown significantly with numerous surf schools, surf camps and surf resorts being established along with the rest of the mass-tourism development in the area. This is the most popular area for surfing in Costa Rica, but it is only a small portion of those 600 miles of Pacific coast.

The South Pacific, while becoming more popular over the last few years, remains a relatively untouched region with quality surf spots, less crowds, and rich in natural resources. Two of the main attractions in this region are the Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula and whale watching in the Ballena Marine National Park, located just South of Dominical, which attract nature-lovers from around the globe.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two main seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season runs from May to November and the dry season lasts from December through April. Whether it ’ s better to visit during one season or the other is really up to you and what you ’ re planning for your vacation. The main tourism season is during the dry season, which is when prices also tend to increase. During the rainy season it ’ s common to find deals, on airfare as well as on lodging and activities, which is always a plus for family and group vacations.

Contributed By: Gibran Garcia

Gibran Garcia is a founder of Bodhi Surf S.A., a surf school based in Uvita, Costa Rica. A surfer with 25 years experience, Gibran has traveled throughout the Americas in search of good waves. Bodhi Surf specializes in family and small group surfing vacations for beginner and intermediate surfers. We are happy to answer any questions about Costa Rica, travel, or surfing to help "Awaken your inner surfer".
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