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Propane / Butane Fuel

Propane or Butane? That is the question.  Granted, when looking at these two fuels, they are way more similar than different. With this in mind, we have outlined the differences between the two and here they are.

Common Uses
Propane is commonly used for heaters, barbeques, camp stoves and lanterns. Butane is used commonly for camp stoves, heating devices, lighters, and in aerosol cans.  

Propane is easier to find than Butane.

Butane is typically less expensive than Propane.  

Boiling Point
Propane (at -31 degrees F) has a lower boiling point than Butane (31 degrees F). This means it is better equipped to work in cold weather.

Butane is roughly 12% more efficient than Propane. Using the same amount of fuel, Butane will net more energy.

Propane can be stored outside, while Butane cannot turn into a gas and be used at temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Definitely some pros for each fuel option. Examine where and when you will be using fuel to help you decide which fuel is the best option for your trip.


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