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Hit the Trails With NORBA!

America's gone wild over MOUNTAIN BIKING. The lure of fat tires has spread across the nation at a remarkable pace, as millions of Americans have joined the dirt revolution and discovered the pleasures of off-road riding.

You don't need to be an Olympian to try mountain bike racing. The NATIONAL OFF-ROAD BICYCLE ASSOCIATION issues permits to more than 1000 off-road events nationwide annually, so there's probably a race that fits your skills and interests - right in your own backyard.

But a NORBA membership gives you more than just a racing license. When you join NORBA you'll also receive USA Cyclings publication plus this country's most complete list of off-road racing events. NORBA NEWS also contains the new regional rider ranking system so you'll see how you measure up to the other racers in your region.

Visit the Official Norba Site

USA Cycling Web Site

One Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 or 719-578-4581(voice) 719-578-4596(fax)

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