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Eco-Challenge FAQ's

Who Can Enter?
Building Your Team Resume
Selection Process Eco-Challenge Adventure Tour

The Eco-Challenge, Who Can Enter

Technically, anyone can enter the Eco-Challenge. First you need to print the application from their website. ( Then you need to type out the application, and send it in with your athletic resumes. They like to see newspaper articles, videos or pictures of your team members.

The Eco-Challenge

Those applications will go through a selection process. They only choose a certain number of teams from each country. Note that the maximum number won't be anymore than 10 teams per country. The Eco-Challenge wants to be an international event, and they do this to guarantee that each country will get a chance.

What Your Chances Of Getting Selected?

Considering that 1998, the Eco-Challenge received more than 500 entries from the US, and only 10 were selected, your chances are not that great. Your team needs to stand out from the crowd.

One way to get selected is to win the Eco-Challenge. It seems to be one of those catch-22 deals, "How can you win the Eco-Challenge if you can't get in?" Another way to get selected is to have a successful team. Your team needs to go out and prove itself in competition. Build up your team resume with several other adventure races. The last way way is to have a unique angle, or characteristic that no other team has.

The Eco-Challenge is a competition, but it is also a TV show. Think of drama. If you have something that will bring drama to the race then you have just increased your chances of getting selected. For instance, if you had a celebrity on your team, you have a good chance. Videos can make your team more memorable. Put together a video that the selection board will remember. If your team is from a country other than the US, you have a better chance of getting in, just because of the popularity and demand for the event in the US.

What Are Some Other Events to Build Your Team Resume?

This sport is really growing in popularity. There are more new events popping up each year that it is hard to keep track of them. You can check the latest list at Beyond Adventure Sports or on the Adventure Sports Online Extreme Sports, Multisport, and Adventure Racing page.

The most similar other event is the Raid Gauloises. The Eco-Challenge was actually modeled after the Raid. If your team has competed in the Raid and done it well, you should get noticed in the Eco-Challenge selection process. Of course the Raid Gauloises has its limitations as well. They limit the number of the teams from each country, but here it is first come first serve. If you have the entry money together, you can get in.

Eco-Challenge Adventure Tour

One last hope of increasing your chances for getting selected into the Eco-Challenge is to do your homework. The Eco-Challenge offers a Tour that takes you through the same course the racers go through. You will get to see first hand what the race is all about, without having to do it. The Tour will allow you to experience what is needed for the race, which will help you later when you put together you application packet. If you are really set on doing the Eco-Challenge, and you have little adventure racing experience, this could save you lots of money, and maybe some dignity. You can find information about these tours through their website.

Contributed By: Jack Crawford

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