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Car Rack Care

Buying a storage rack for your car is a big investment and so are the bikes, surfboards, skis and other gear you may carry. The make and model of your car, your gear-carrying needs, and your budget will determine which car rack you will chose. Basic models include roof mounted, spare tire, trailer hitch or trunk-mount carriers. Follow these tips for keeping your rack, and in turn your outdoor toys, in tip-top shape.



  • Keep it clean! After your adventure, make sure to wipe down your rack with a damp towel. Remove all dirt, debris and salt water, if you are at the beach. This will increase the longevity of your rack by preventing rusting or damage.


  • If you chose a trunk-mounted rack, store it in a dry place like the garage or shed when you’re not using it to keep it protected from the elements.


  • Give your rack an occasional inspection. There are different types of car racks, so make sure you are checking the elements that are appropriate to your specific model. For instance, if you have a trunk-mount rack, make sure the straps are not frayed and the foam padding is in good condition. For a hitch-mount, double-check that the connector isn’t broken.


Take care of your car rack and your car rack will take care of you!

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