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Article Provided byBathing With Little Water

An Adventure Network visitor recently asked: "How do you recommend keeping clean when there is little water available for bathing, such as when desert or winter camping?"

A bandanna and a small pot of warm water is all I use to wash my face and hands-no soap. However, if you desire a little more cleansing and don't relish scrubbing your body with snow (it does work, although there is little pleasure in this method) then I might suggest you opt for a product called No-Rinse Shampoo and No-Rinse Body Bath, both by N/R Laboratories (800/223-9348. ) You simply apply the product to your hair or body, massage until a lather forms and then towel dry. Of course, for this method to work, you'll need an absorbent towel, something like a PacTowel by Cascade Designs. It's going to get very dirty, since the dirt does have to go somewhere, but for the one or two cleanings you may desire, one towel should suffice. Atwater Carey (800/359-1646) puts together a nifty Camp N' Travel kit with towel, scrubber, camp soap (to be used with water), a bottle of No-Rinse Body Bath and a bottle of No-Rinse Shampoo. Another tried and true method of cleaning involves turning to baby wipes in travel packs. Two or three will do to cleanse the face, hands and other parts of the body. The downside to this is that you have to pack out all the used wipes and fragrance often used in baby wipes can become a bit much.

Contributed By: Michael Hodgson

Michael Hodgson is a an award-winning journalist and author of numerous books including Camping for Dummies, Compass and Map Navigator, and Facing the Extreme. He is a volunteer instructor for the American Red Cross, Nevada County Sheriff's Search & Rescue team and was a former mountain guide. Michael is well-known for his sense of humor and eagerness to try anything once in the pursuit of a really good story. His friends remain amazed that he can still walk. He has partnered with his journalist-wife, Therese Iknoian, on four web sites: his own, plus,, and

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