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Tips for buying Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles – Features to look for;

-Lightweight (Carbon is lighter, aluminum is less expensive, both work fine)

-Good internal shock absorption system (that’s the point, right?)

-Replaceable rubber stopper (it will wear out eventually)

-Hand grips that are comfortable (some people prefer rubber, some prefer cork or wood, figure out what you like and use that)

-Good hand straps that don’t chafe, irritate, or slip

-Lock that really do hold the pole in place. You will become frustrated if they slide right when you bear weight. Plus, it’s dangerous.

-Cool gadgety stuff like a universal screw mount for the bottom of your camera. Many helmet camera companies are making pole mounts for their cameras. Why not get a trekking pole and have a double-use piece of equipment?

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