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Binocular Care & Feeding
TLC tips and suggestions

  • Never touch binocular lenses with your fingers. Instead, remove grit and grime with a few puffs of a blower brush (found in most photo stores) and then brush away any remaining particles.
  • Remove haze and fingerprints by gently wiping with a lens tissue dampened with a drop of lens cleaner.
  • Don't leave your binoc's in the hot sun, the trunk of your car or anywhere heat may warp the casing.
  • Keep your binoculars stored in a padded nylon or leather case.
  • Add a packet of silica gel to help absorb any moisture.
  • Only clean the exterior of your binoculars with a lint-free cotton cloth or a silicon impregnated cloth that some manufacturers supply with your purchase.
Contributed By: Burk White

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