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Bike Directory : Self-Guided Mountain Bike Rides

MacElroy Park
Jamestown, North Dakota


Difficulty: Beginner with an attitude
Elevation: 1,400 ft.
Elevation Gain: 100 ft. or less
Ride Distance: 1-6 mi.
Time: depending on your pace
Scenic Quality: A - Very Nice!

How to get there:

Jamestown, North Dakota -- I-94 exit HWY 281 north and go about 1 1/2 miles down a hill. Cross the James River in right lane and turn right at first block past bridge -- MacElroy Park. Bear right around the park to a foot bridge. Park and ride across the bridge to follow any one of a number of groomed trails (they've existed since the 1960s). There's also a nice park for cookouts, softball, and camping, that has playground equipment.


The ride:

These trails have existed since the 1960s and have been developed them into a beautiful course and system good for both the beginner and expert. You choose you own level of difficulty with many options. The hills can be easy or very vertical at 50-80 feet. Nice roller coaster ride along the river bank needs some technical skill. A race the first weekend in August is for all ages and three levels of ego. Contact the Jamestown Parks Department



Buffalo Park Camp Ground -- great because it gives you a downhill ride to the trails across the road (McElroy Park). You overlook the whole river valley and city.



Holiday Inn, Buffalo Inn, Super 8, others.


What to bring:

A smile and desire to have fun. Great family atmosphere.


Where to eat:

Wagon Wheel Restaurant (Excellent!!!) on HWY 281 and I-94.


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