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Bike Directory : Self-Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Lone Elk County Park Ride
St. Louis, Missouri


Difficulty: Beginner with an attitude
Elevation: 75 meters
Elevation Gain: 0
Ride Distance: 9 miles
Time: 2 hours
Scenic Quality: A - Very Nice!

How to get there:

The trail is located outside St. Louis, Missouri, near Eureka.The easiest way to get there is to take highway 44,( the old route 66). It interchanges in St. Louis with 55 and I-270. From both of these places go west. Exit at Valley Park. From there get onto the North Outer road and travel west for two miles until it ends and you have to go right. This road takes you to Lone Elk County Park. Once you get to the gated entrance of Lone Elk, STOP and look for the mountain bikers to your right. See the trail, it's easy to miss. Now go on one of the best trails in Missouri! If you have any problems finding it once in the area, just ask someone where Lone Elk County Park is.


The ride:

The good thing about Missouri is most things are free including this trail. Just go there and ride man! For the next three miles you have a nice single track along the Meramec River. The trail traverses rocky terrain in the high ground which is a good challenge for beginners and a great place to fly for intermediate and advanced riders. The lower part of the trail lets you test your leg power with flat and good trails. Have fun with this trail, it could either mean a new bike or a new you.



There are several campgrounds in the area, just get a map at a gas station.



East on Highway 44 you can find some pretty cheap hotels, Drury and Scottish Inn located in Fenton.


Where to eat:

McDonalds or any of the other great BBQ places in Missouri



Ride Contibuted by Erick Finnestead from Norway,


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