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Bike Directory : Self-Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Three Creeks Conservation Area
Columbia, Missouri


Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation: Sea level
Elevation Gain: up and down; you are in the Missouri hill country on this one
Ride Distance: up to 8 miles
Time: 1-3 hours
Scenic Quality: A - Very Nice!

How to get there:

To get to Three Creeks Conservation Area take Highway 70 into Columbia, then go south on Highway 63. You will take 63 south for about three miles, then turn right after you see BIG TIME COUNTRY on your right. This is a semi-paved road, which turns to gravel quickly, there is also a sign that says Three Creeks Conservation Area. Follow this dirt road for a mile to the trailhead, you will probably see other bikers.


The ride:

Alright, so you made it there. Now do what every mountain biker should, clip in as quick as you can and ride like hell. There are two trailheads in the parking area, both are rewarding. It is an overall loop that you will ride in either direction. The trail is quite scenic, several large limestone bluffs, deer in the area, wild turkey (not the kind you drink!), and a few weeks ago Buddy said he bunny hopped an opossum. Would that be a opossum hop? There are a couple sketchball downhills, with a rewarding climb back up and when you hit bottom, ha ha ha you are in Missouri. It seems like you can never make it to the top because there are so many hills, which makes our trails the best kept secrets in the world. SO be glad that I have shared two with you now.



There is a National Forest Area on the other side of Highway 63 which is always open to those of you who use minimal impact technique.


What to bring:

Bring water, a nicely tuned bike, a solid cranium or helmet, tools, extra innertube, quadriceps, and lungs....


Where to eat:

If you don't spot any edible roadkill, the try some of the indigenous restaurants in Columbia everything from the heart attack Diner to the vegetarian Cafe Taza. Like I said this is a college town it has everything to fit your fancy.


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