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Bike Directory : Self-Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Pocatello, Idaho Trail
Pocatello, Idaho


Difficulty: Beginner with an attitude
Elevation Gain:
Ride Distance: 1 to 2 miles
Time: 1 hour
Scenic Quality: B - Great

How to get there:

At Pocatello ID go to Arthur RD. Head South on it and turn right at Benton Rd. Then go straight and take a left at the next street. then park in the church parking lot on south side. the trail starts adjacent to the parking lot.


The ride:

As you start it is a road for about 50 yards and then turns into a single track. then it will fork; one takes a U-turn to the left and the other keeps going straight. GO STRAIGHT. When you get to the fork in the trail there will also be a bridge; go across the bridge. then just go straight up the trail! Its really fun ride coming down too! Just beware of riders going up the trail.



There is camping along the trail but you have to go up about a 1/2 of a mile or more till you find any spots. There are also spots along the road that is parallel to the trail. The road is sometime 10 ft. to 50 yards to the right of you as you are going up. No reservations needed. No fees.



The nearest lodging that is right across the street from the university on 4th St. is alright. For some nice places to stay get off the Pocatello Creek exit and you will see the signs. There is a really nice Best Western, Ameritel Inn, and a Holiday Inn.


What to bring:

A lunch and some water to drink. If you camp there overnight then bring the necesities but for just going up it and then down it; all you need is water and lunch.


Where to eat:

There are places to get off on the side but there is one spot I think is really nice. It is the at the 5th little bridge. There it is a little opening where you can sit down and eat. There is also another trail coming down into the spot from the right.


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