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Bike Directory : Self-Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Horsetooth Canyon
Fort Collins, Colorado


Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation: 5,300 ft.
Elevation Gain: 1,952 ft.
Ride Distance: 3-11 mi.
Time: : 1-3.5 hrs
Scenic Quality: AAA - Killer!!!

How to get there:

Ft. Collins, Colorado -- go west on Horsetooth Rd. to head up Horsetooth Canyon. Go to West Gate (Really on South side of Mountain) past the Marina. Cost to ride is $5.00 per or a state pass for $40.00. There are many trails off the main climb -- this will give you every thrill you can handle and is a great place to go. Beautiful hiking also.


The ride:

This is awesome -- from the views to the elevation -- it gives you climbs plus great downhills. If you do the West Trail Ride up through the valley you will have every challenge of climbing and descent plus an incredible view. You will climb up a service road for 500 vertical feet to start. Stretch before you go and take the water from the park (great taste). There are bathrooms available at the Park Entrance -- say "Hi" to Mark the Ranger (huge body builder). The East Gate Ride starts with a very hard climb of 800 vertical feet with some steep sections of the service road (no water here). From here you have the option of several different routes. The East Gate also has an easy meadow ride of 3-5 miles for the casual rider.



Horsetooth Canyon and Mountain



Ft. Collins is 5 miles away.


What to bring:

Water bottles or Camelback. Patch kit, pump and spare tire are a must!!! A windbreaker is nice for the descents in late afternoon because the sun is on the west side of the mountain.


Where to eat:

Stop at the little cafe just 1/2 mile from the park -- get your Fat Tire Beer and cheeseburger and enjoy the view of your ride.


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